Jan 21, 2010


How we're spending the new year . . .

We spent Christmas in Thatcher and had a wonderful time

Hudson is cruising all over the place on all fours. He loves to go into his brother's room and play. He's been pulling himself up on everything and anything and is starting to walk along the furniture. He will be 1 in March and I have no doubts that he will be walking by then.

Cooper loves to wrestle with his dad. He's into the phase where everything is a question. "Why, Mom?" is his most quoted phrase. He can spell his name and count to 13 (random, I know) and he just grows more every day. He's a really good big brother and when he's not driving me crazy he's a really big helper.

Randy and I are doing well. Randy had over a week off from work over Christmas, so I was spoiled having him home all that time. It feels like I don't get to see him that much during the week, because he works so much. In this economy, though we're grateful for the work. I spent this past weekend in Glendale at my sister Bre's bridal shower. I wish I had pictures of Bre opening her presents (it was pretty hilarious) but I was too busy talking and laughing. After the shower I had the opportunity to attend the Performing Arts for the Glendale Stake Youth Olympics. There were some outstanding performances this year - I was really impressed.

Anyway, that's how our year is going so far. I hope everyone is having a great start to 2010!