Apr 28, 2009


Here's what's new with the Conrads --

Cooper got a haircut:



And Hudson is starting to hold his own head up

Earth shattering, I know. We're also attempting potty training Cooper. Today he went pee on the toilet for the first time and I was literally jumping up and down with joy. Of course, there hasn't been a recurrence yet. Cooper thinks he's pretty hot stuff in his pull-ups, though. The pull-ups have a picture of a truck on the front of them and if he pees in his pull-ups, the wheels on the truck disappear. He runs to show me every time his wheels disappear (Mom, my wees gone!) which means it's too late to use the potty. I'm thinking about laying newspaper out all over my living room . . .

Hudson is growing like a weed. He had his one month check up yesterday (yes, he's a month old already!) and he was just shy of 10 lbs. He's more alert during the day, which is fun and time consuming - my laundry basket has reached a hazardous height. He's a sweet little thing, though. :)

Apr 13, 2009


We had a very nice Easter. We went to church with my parents and spent the day over at their house afterward. The Easter Sacrament meeting program was very nice - the choir did an awesome job and Joey Bingham rocks on the violin. :)

The Easter bunny visited Grandma and Grandpa's house and we even had an Easter egg hunt after the nice dinner my mom prepared. Thanks, Mom! :)

However, the funniest part of the day was right before we were leaving to go home. First of all, Cooper absolutely loves this "Dashmat" t-shirt he's wearing in the video below. One day I could not get him to take it off - he wore it all day after sleeping in it the night before. The funny thing is that I probably wore the same t-shirt when I was his age. Anyway, Cooper's Easter basket consisted of a whole bunch of pirate toys (his latest craze). One of the items was a hook and when someone would throw the hook at him he would act as if he had just been stabbed and would proceed to die. The following video is of just that. Enjoy.

Apr 4, 2009

Yes or No?

Do you think the boys look alike? I can't decide . . .