Dec 29, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a splendid Christmas! Ours was very nice. We were able to go to Thatcher and spend the weekend before Christmas with all the Conrads and then we spent Christmas Eve at my parent's house and on Christmas day my family came out to our house. It was really nice having everyone over. My family is big on board games so we spent most of the day eating, playing games and watching basketball. For those of you who have never played "The New Yorker" I highly recommend it. I've never laughed so hard. Anyway, I hope everyone had a merry Christmas. I'm so thankful for my Savior and for the opportunity we have to celebrate his birth. I'm grateful for all the He's given me and now as the new year approaches I'm determined to better myself so that I can return to live with Him someday. Happy New Year! :)

Dec 12, 2008

Christmas Classics

Remember those good old Christmas cartoons that came on when you were a kid, like Frosty the Snowman or Santa Clause is Coming to Town? Well, recently Cooper discovered these blasts from the past and so now I am reliving my childhood.

This is the first year that he's kind of understood Christmas and has gotten excited about it. It's pretty funny to watch how excited he gets when Santa Clause comes onto the TV -- he loves Santa (although, he doesn't like him quite enough to sit on his lap). Cooper doesn't call Santa by his name, however. He calls him "Hohoho" instead. I got in trouble the other day when we were at Wal-Mart because of this. Cooper was antsy and so to settle him down I promised that we would go look at the "hohoho" stuff after I finished getting my groceries. True to my word, after we checked out we headed to the other side of the store where they keep all the Christmas decorations and such. They had a big inflatable Santa Clause on one of their shelves and Cooper started yelling "hohoho, mommy! hohoho!" I nodded absentmindedly and answered him, "yes, Cooper that's a hohoho." Unfortunately, right as I said this a teenage girl in a short skirt and lots of make-up passed by and gave me a dirty look. (I think she thought I was saying hoehoehoe).

They always say you shouldn't talk baby talk back to your kids, that you should use the proper words instead. Now I know why. Hohoho . . . :)