May 31, 2009


On Friday, my youngest sister, Brooke, graduated from high school. It's weird to think that my parents no longer have teenagers, but adult children. It's just weird to think of Brooke as an adult, period. :) The graduation was held at the Phoenix First Assembly church, which was really nice. I made it there just as my fuel light came on, which was nerve wracking with two little boys asleep in the backseat. It was weird not to have graduation at the Sun Dome in Surprise, which is where Apollo normally has their graduation and where I and my other 2 sisters graduated. But, hey, as long as there is air conditioning I don't care where they hold graduation. The graduation speakers all did a really nice job and the ceremony went very smoothly aside from the noisy guests. I'm so proud of my sister and I'm going to miss her when she goes off to Utah in a few weeks. I've already told her she can expect me to come visit her soon after she gets there. :)

May 5, 2009

Baby blessing

On Sunday we blessed Hudson in my parent's ward in Glendale. Randy did a great job on the blessing and Hudson was such a good little guy. He hardly made a peep the entire time - mostly due to the fact that he was up at 4am, I think. It was a nice bonding moment for him and me. :) I tried to explain to him that it was a special day and that his daddy was going to give him a special blessing. He looked at me the whole time I was talking like he understood. It was so sweet.

Most of our friends and family were able to be there and participate in the blessing, which was really nice. Hudson got to wear the same blessing outfit that Cooper wore. My neighbor and friend made it for me and it's the cutest little thing! After the blessing we had a little luncheon at my parents house and got to spend time with family. It was fun to see everyone take turns holding Hudson. Overall, it was a very nice day.