Jul 31, 2008


So . . . I think I may have broken our digital camera. :( I was trying to take a picture of the kids the other day and I dropped it (on the tile no less!) when Cooper threw a ball at me. It hit the floor and the batteries popped out. I should have known I'm not coordinated enough to hold a camera and catch a ball at the same time! Anyway, now whenever I take a picture the image comes out all distorted. If there are any camera experts out there I need to know -- did I inflict permanent damage? Or is this something that can be fixed? When I told Randy what happened he just shook his head at me and said "you broke it." At least the memory card is still in tact. :) I was browsing online looking at the different cameras and was wondering if the Coolpix camera is any good? I don't speak camera-ese so all the pixel and focus mumbo jumbo they list about the camera means nothing to me. I'm looking for recommendations. (Bre - this means you!)

Jul 21, 2008

Jul 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Randy!

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! His birthday was on Saturday so we went down to good old Thatcher for the weekend. Randy is the most generous and loving person I have ever met. He is the best father to our son and the best husband to me. I am so grateful to have him as my eternal companion. I love him to pieces!

Jul 10, 2008

New Purchase

Drum roll please . . . I finally bought a new trash can for the kitchen! Hooray! The one we have now doesn't have a lid on it and Cooper is always scavenging for treasure. Bed Bath & Beyond had their trashcans on sale, so I bought one. It has a lid that locks! How cool is that? I know, how lame is it that I'm blogging about a trashcan? Most people get excited when they get a new couch or TV and here I am raving about a trashcan. But honestly, I was so excited about my new purchase! It even has the step that automatically opens the lid. We're living the high life! :)