Apr 7, 2011

Old News

I've been pretty bad about updating my blog (sorry, Bre & Chris), so I'm doing it now even though most of this stuff is old news. Still . . .

Hudson turned 2 on the 25th of March. A ball is his favorite thing to play with - any kind, he's not picky - so a lot of his gifts involved some kind of ball. He's really into airplanes, too. Everytime he sees one he yells 'bear-plane, bear-plane!', so Randy and I got him a little people airplane which he flies all over the house. He's getting so big and he has such personality. Everyday he makes me laugh, he's such a character. In fact, as I'm typing this he's walking around in my church heels.

Cooper is playing Tball. Practices are over and they are playing 'games' now. I write 'games' because they don't keep score and there really is no fielding whatsoever, but everyone gets to run the bases and bat twice. It's pretty fun to watch these little kids run while holding onto their batting helmets for dear life. Cooper seems to really enjoy it.

Anyway, that's my update. Enjoy the pics!

These pics are from the Zoo a couple weeks ago and bubble beards in the bathtub.

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